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*** Leavening Agents

The following is information about Leavening Agents, specifically Baking Soda.  Please be aware that bread products containing baking soda should be avoided if there is an acid (which more than likely there will be) in the product.

Categories Agent 

Primary Potential Gases

Biological yeast, bacteria carbon dioxide, ethanol  
  egg whites air (produced by beating or whipping)  
  egg yolks air (produced by beating or whipping causing a foam)
Chemical baking powder carbon dioxide, ammonia
  baking soda + acid carbon dioxide, ammonia
Mechanical water, atmosphere air, steam, nitrogen, ethanol



Any acid may serve as the chemical reaction in foods. Some food substances contain acids, which, in the presence of baking soda release carbon dioxide. Acids can come from many different sources. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.  When it is mixed with an acid liquid it releases the gas carbon dioxide: You've seen this- when you mix baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice, it fizzes. The fizzing is the release of the carbon dioxide bubbles. The same thing happens when you add baking soda to a recipe.  Recipes that use baking soda for leavening always have an acid somewhere.  It might be obvious, such as vinegar (in muffins), lemon juice, sour milk or buttermilk. The acid might be hidden- for example honey and molasses are acidic. Cream of tartar is a DRY acid that might be called for in a recipe; it cannot react with the baking soda until liquid is added.  Below is a list of foods that contain acid:  

Food Acids 
Applesauce and other fruits  plant acids
Brown sugar   plant acids
Buttermilk or sour milk  lactic acid
Citrus fruit juices citric acid or ascorbic acid
Honey  lactic acid
Molasses mixture of organic plant acids  
Vinegar acetic acid



Instructions About Leavened Products During The Feast of Unleavened Bread
[Approved by Bro. Buie]

Many questions arise during this feast pertaining to leaven:  leaven means “puffed up”.  
All “BREAD” products
(i.e. Breads, Waffles, Donuts, Cookies, Brownies, Croissants, Breaded Chicken/Fish, Pancakes, etc.) that are leavened (Puffed Up) should be removed from your home before the end of Passover.  You do not have to throw away your baking powder, baking soda or yeast during this feast because these products are in dry form and haven’t been mixed with water, or other liquid and dry ingredients to activate them.  Dry mixes (bread mix, cake mix, etc.) containing leavening agents do not have to be thrown out because they have not been leavened (puffed up).

Matzo (Matzah) is the bread of choice for most people during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, but alternatives to Matzah are Hot Water Corn Bread or Pita Bread [to be safe don’t use any leavening agents in them that could cause them to rise].  If you purchase Pita Bread make sure that it isn’t puffed up.  Look in next month’s issue for recipes.



Matzah                Hot Water Corn Bread               Pita Bread




*****Information submitted by the Israel of God Feast Committee*****

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