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Bowl of Fruit

It is our responsibility to keep Godís Dietary LawÖ

The Dietary Law of the God Of Israel can be

Found in Leviticus Chapter Eleven.

Peace to all that Fear God and Keep His

Commandments in JESUSí name.

How do I go about obtaining information on products?

First look on the product and get the following:

*   The Mailing Address

*   The Phone Number

*   The Email or Web Address

*   The Productís UPC (Universal Product Code)

Then call or write the companies to obtain the information you are looking for.

What questions should I ask companies about their products?

*First ask the company if the product in question has any animal ingredients. If it does, ask them if they know what the source of the animal is, i.e. Pork, Beef, Insect, etc.

*  If they say that the product doesnít have any animal ingredients, ask them for the sources of all ingredients that are in question.


* Even though we do not go by kosher symbols alone due to the fact that they are not all the same nor are their standards of what is Clean or not the same; you should still ask them if the product in question is certified kosher, if it isn’t ask why not. By asking this question you can obtain additional information.

* Once you have the answers to your questions, ask them to send you the information in writing.  If they refuse for whatever reason, document your conversation and make sure you obtain the name of the person you spoke with noting the date and the time.

What address should I use, the IOG or mine?

*   That is up to you, but if you choose to use the IOGís address, be sure to add C/O The Research Committee so that it will be placed in the correct mailbox in the office.

*   If you use your own, please forward a copy of the letter to the Research Committee.



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